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Feature 01

Job search is hard

Searching for a job is a full-time job by itself its even stressful when you realize these long search hours are not paying off.

Feature 02

Job tracking is harder

What is measured, gets done. But there is no easy way to measure and track application without that becoming a burden of itself.

Feature 03

Getting rejected is the worst

How can you still stay motivated when everyone on social media is enjoying their company sponsored happy hours and you just received your 20th rejection of the day.

Use Trackr to simplify your job search


Trackr will automatically add the job you apply to, to google spreadsheets and track it for you.

What our users say

The current job search process is grueling, search is fragmented, there are too many sites and spreadsheets are too tedious to track apps. Trackr simplified this process saving me time while applying.

No solution cares about the job seeker and the demotivating journey that they go through while job searching. Trackr is the first tool that actually solves a core problem of the job seeker.

I lost my position at my dream company and felt defeated. I didn't even want to start searching again, trackr is helping me ease into the process by showing that small steps can be taken each day of the search process.


Job Seeker
  • Acess to chrome Extension
  • Acess to jobs dashboard
  • Monthly jobs recommendations
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  • Access chrome Extension
  • Access to jobs dashboard
  • Weekly Personalized job recommendations
  • Automated application filling
  • Personalized Insights & feedback

Our Mission

Through our tools, we want to bring sense of fulfillment, productivity, and purpose. We want to humanize the job search process again.


Unemployment rate is at 20%, the highest its been since the great depression. 22 Millions people lost their jobs. Given the light of the current situation of the Covid pandemic, a lot of people have lost their jobs and are struggling to keep sane in these conditions. We want to help users be more efficient with their time during job searches, stay motivated and happy while getting those rejections and continue to have hope about the future of the world and their own job searching situations.